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Game Introduction: Xydus's Outwit offers various game modes for users to engage in a battle of wits via a multiplayer quiz.
Game Features: The game modes range from questions that invoke nostalgia to questions that discuss events far in the future. All sorts of questions, questions that embarrass the user to questions that boost their pride, are there for the users to enjoy.

-> Let's Enjoy Nostalgia: Take a trip down memory lane to revisit your childhood. Discuss your childhood favorites (tv shows, games, and all ) and the mischiefs you participated in with your gang or as a lone wolf.

-> Let the Shyness Out: Time to get dirty. Taboo Questions that you keep hidden in the depth of your mind are now in open. See if your circle is ruining your innocence or that you are The bad fish polluting the lake.

-> Let the Cat Out of Bag: Bridge the distance and get closer to your gang by getting to know about them. Find out whether you are more similar to others than you think or your uniqueness is actually unchallengeable

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