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Hi, I am Miachel, the fitness trainer. The fitness boot camp is about to open. Here are scientific and healthy eating to help people lose weight successfully. Kayla want to join this training camp. Let’s come to see how will Kayla change here. Firstly, it is checkup to see Kayla’s fat and health index. Through this checkup we will know Kayla’s body data. Oh, the situation is not ideal, excessive body fat. But don’t worry. As long as you stick to the exercise, strictly follow the diet, you will soon see the results. Now go to the studio and record your initial figure. Now the formal training start, come to the fitness room. Kayla need to replenish energy during this weight losing process and then start new training to train her arms. Pay attention to interspersed training, not only one part. After this process, Kayla will win the slimming newcomer award. It’s important to keep control of the body’s indicators for healthy weight loss, step by step to achieve your goals, can not be impatient. Now start the second time to measure the indicators of your body. Well done. Kayla’s health is up to standard. She can put on more beautiful clothes. Kayla keep on training hard in this way step by step an finally she lost weight successfully and won the biggest weight loser award.

1. Kayla join the fitness boot camp to lose weight
2. First time check up to see her body fat and health indtex
3. Take pictures in the studio room for the first time checkup
4. Start traing each body part by using different fitness equipment and take pictures for the changes
5. Eat healthy diet meal in the restaurant to replenish strength and then start new training
6. Lose weight successfully and dress up beautifully
7. Win the best weight loser award

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