CCSWE App Manager (Device Owner) APK download

CCSWE App Manager (Device Owner)

The description of CCSWE App Manager (Device Owner)

CCSWE App Manager was designed for users who want disable applications and packages to improve performance. It also allows you to hide icons for applications they do not use without uninstalling the entire application. You can also hide icons for stock system applications which will allow you to continue to receive system updates while saving space in your application drawer.

★★ Does not require root ★★

How to activate device owner

1) Remove all Google accounts from your device under the Android Settings -> Accounts
2) Go to Android Settings on your device and enable "USB Debugging"
3) Connect your device to the PC with USB cable and open CMD prompt and run this command

adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.ccswe.appmanager.deviceowner/com.ccswe.appmanager.receivers.DeviceAdminReceiver

4) Re-add your Google accounts

NOTE: More detailed instructions and a helper application for Windows can be found at this link:

Contact [email protected] if you have any issues. We are more than happy to offer any help we can but cannot do anything if you simply give us a low rating instead of contacting us.

★★ Features ★★

★ Clear data for any application
★ Export and import package lists
★ Home screen widget
★ Favorites list
★ Freeze (disable) applications
★ Password protection
★ Uninstall applications

★★ Frequently asked questions ★★

★ Why does CCSWE App Manager (Device Owner) require device owner privileges?

Unfortunately the Android security model does not make it possible for one application to enable/disable components for another application. This makes sense for standard applications because you wouldn't want a competing application to be able to disable yours. That is why CCSWE App Manager requires device owner privileges in order to achieve this.

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