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Big Idle Restaurant II – My City Restaurants

The description of Big Idle Restaurant II – My City Restaurants

Now you can play Idle Restaurant Tycoon, the best idle clicker, a highly interactive management game.

Your job is to click on the screen to build a factory that will make many products such as pastries, cafe, fast food, drinks, etc.

The goal of the game is to make the biggest idle wins.
Idle Restaurant can only work if the production process continues. So you should take care to manage your factory and restaurant. The chef uses many recipes to prepare many delicious, unique dishes and stands in the middle of the screen, cooks food in the kitchen underground and brings it back to the restaurant on the surface.
You will have the workers to transport the ingredients to the cook. The waiters then deliver the dishes prepared by the chefs to the restaurant, making profits while idling.

All work is done automatically and at idle. Your factory workers and chef continue to run even when you are offline while idle.

Idle Restaurant Tycoon Best Idle Clicker Features – The first product you create is patisserie (bakery). After you have unlocked the rooms below, enlarge your kitchen / production area by many other production items like:

🥓 Bread factory
🥓 Cookie factory
🥓 Breakfast factory
🍕 Pizza factory
🍕 Pastry factory
🍨 Dessert factory
🍨 Pastry shop
🏪 Fast food restaurant
🏪 Chinese restaurant
🏪 Cafe shop

Idle Restaurant Tycoon Best Idle Clicker – Cooking and restaurant simulations use products made in your idle factory to make coins and cash idle. The cooks will cook faster, the number of workers and waiters will increase, the restaurant will be expanded. The kitchen below will help you upgrade the factory and collect cash while idle.

Idle Restaurant Tycoon Best Features:

🏪 The best idle clicker are free to play!
⚙️ Manage your factory and restaurant, automate the workflow to make more cash.
👩‍🍳 Hire many famous chefs for your empty restaurant.
👩‍🍳 Your cooks continue to cook and produce even when you are not in the game.
👩‍🍳 Invest your empty money to expand many kitchens and increase your income.
🏪 Upgrade ingredients and products to serve production.
🏪 Upgrade the kitchen, upgrade it to optimize the cooking tycoon.
💰 Click the screen to attract customers and make more unused profits.
⚙️ Update the factory system.
⚙️ Expand the restaurant system all over the world.

With Idle Restaurant Tycoon is a simulation game, you can become a Restaurant Tycoon, Factory Tycoon and a Cooking Restaurant. The game helps you manage your investment and save cash in a simple and interesting way. The special point of the game is to strategically build and optimize the factory and restaurant in order to make as little profit as possible.

When you come to the game you have a system of food factories, kitchen and many famous celebrity chefs and the restaurant system is expanding all over the world.

Are you ready to become a factory tycoon and a restaurant tycoon?

Start your business adventure with just one click!

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