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HEX Strategy – turn based strategy game

The description of HEX Strategy – turn based strategy game

HEX Strategy is a turn-based strategy game. Your goal is to destroy the enemy command base, where you must first enter with your units. Fight against the hostile of the enemy. Take on the role of Hexan, the powerful commander in charge of the battle. Fight against other players or fight against Hegan in a campaign! Use your unique and powerful cards to win the battle. Become the hex commander

Cards are an important part of HEX Strategy. You get them in the campaign and by challenging them in PvP mode.

Each card is unique, but only their combinations will give you an advantage. There are currently 24 cards in the game, which you unlock as the game progresses. In the campaign there are 18 different levels (+ tutorial) that will give you a lot of fun. You'll find it's not that easy!
If that doesnt satisfy you, you've got a PvP mode at your disposal at all time. Fight against other players and show them that you are in charge. The design of the game is based on hexagons.

– turn-based strategy game with simple and transparent rules,
– complete the campaign, which is enriched with new content,
– tactical, you can't always win with old methods,
– addictive! Do you like strategy? At HEX Strategy you will stay longer. That's for sure!
– PvP! Take on other players. Show them who the Winner is,
– 18 different levels to unlock most of the cards,
– 23 unique and powerful cards,
– Extensive creative mode, where you can design your own level,
– Use the special skills of your units to gain an advantage on the battlefield,
– saving progress in the cloud (no account required!)
– hexagonal world Low Poly
– no micropayments !

Premature tactical planning plays an important role in gaining tactical advantage. Watch out for cards that can change the course of the battle in no time at all.
Bring meteor rain, a toxic cloud or frost to your opponent.
In the campaign you have at your disposal a fortress which additionally protects your base. There are also portals that move the unit to another location on the map. In addition to the single player mode, the challenging multiplayer will prove to be an excellent test of your skills.

HEX Strategy is created by one person only. I'm still working on it and I'm happy to announce that the game will leave early access on January 7th 2021! Game is my hobby and I work on it whenever I have free time. For some time now I've been inspired by a game called Stormbound. My game has taken over some of its functionalities, making it better

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